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Good Boy Crunchies Minis Chicken, 60g

gb mini cru chicken

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The Crunchies Minis Chicken from the Good Boy dog treats range are a scrumptious meaty chunk treat with a serious crunch! These dog treats are made with natural ingredients including over 30% chicken breast and have a serious crunch! The minis are perfectly sized for smaller mouths and each bag has a re-seal for freshness.

As a pet parent, it is crucial to keep a tab on your pets dietary requirements. A well-balanced meal would not only nourish your pet's body from within, but releases their stress and makes them happy. The Good Boy Crunchies Chicken MinisDog Foodis a healthy option for your dogs that are picky eaters. With a delicious taste of chicken breast, these perfectly sized bites are great to satisfy your pets taste buds. It contains more than 30% chicken breast that offer nutrients like amino acids, omega 6 fatty acids, and proteins that improve the skin and coat of your pet.

These Crunchies Chicken Minis are essential puppy supplies that serve as a healthy snack and add variety to their regular food. These ready to eat crunchies are easy to chew and can be offered to your pets as rewards. Entice them with these mini crunchies and involve them in different games that would open up their body and tone their muscles. This dry dog food doesn't contain any artificial preservatives or flavours and is 100% natural. The crunchy texture adds fun & variety to their regular diet and satisfies your pets urge to chew things and try new flavours.

Carry these highly convenient dog supplies while you are travelling with your pets and save yourself from the hassle of finding nutritionally rich food on the go. These crunchies are available in a resealable pack of 60 grams. 

Product Benefits

  • Contains more than 30% chicken breast that instils nutrients like amino acid, omega 6 fatty acids, and proteins
  • 100% natural snacks, doesn't contain any artificial preservatives or flavours
  • Ready to eat crunchies that can be offered to your pets as rewards
  • Healthy & delicious option for picky eaters; adds fun & variety to their regular diet
  • Suitable for dogs over 4 months of age


Chicken Breast (33%), Potato Starch, Corn Starch, Vegetable Glycerin, Calcium Carbonate, Rosemary Extract

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