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Johnson’s have added to their popular range of Healthcare products, with the introduction of Diagel, an effective aid for two types of digestive disorders in dogs and cats, which helps to restore normal bowel movement. Diagel granules contain water absorbing nutritional fibres which on digestion, swell to form a soft gel, which works in two different ways when ingested prior to or when feeding. 1. For Loose Bowel Movement The gel absorbs excess moisture in the gut, reducing the liquid content of faeces, improving stool formation and consistency, aiding a return to normal bowel movement. 2. For Solid or Impacted Stools The gel acts as a lubricant to soften solid stools and impacted intestinal content, assisting elimination. Diagel also contains vitamins and minerals to help restore the balance of electrolytes and glucose during recovery from digestive disorders. Diagel may sprinkled on food twice daily, or dissolved in warm water, then added to food. It may be used for 24 – 48 hours. However, consult a Veterinary Surgeon, if the disorder has not improved/subsided after this time, as the symptoms may indicate a more serious condition, or if puppies and kittens are under 12 weeks of age.

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