Petmate Cafe Waterer Pearl Silver Grey 2.8L - Ormskirk Pets

Petmate Cafe Waterer Pearl Silver Grey 2.8L


Regular price £10.00

Features an automatic gravity design that keeps your pet hydrated by replenishing your pet's water supply. The eco-friendly water hopper automatically fills the water reservoir when levels get low and features a large water dispensing hole making the bottle easy-to-clean. The Petmate Café's fashionable base features easy-grab cutouts that twists and locks into the base of the waterer making the waterer easy to maneuver. Available in colors to complement any home decor. Constructed using more environmentally sustainable PET vs. PVC bottles.
PRODUCT NOTE:The Pet Cafe Base and Bottle are not dishwasher safe. We recommend using a bottle brush and warm soapy water to clean.

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