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Pointer Mini Small Marrowbone Roll 400g Buy 2 and get One FREE


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Whenever you look around for a treat, then you must consider your dogs preferences and requirements. Like humans, dogs also have demands and as pet owners, you have to take care of that. So, if you are searching for perfect dog treats then Pointer Assorted Small Rolls 400g is for you. These healthy dog treats are made of quality ingredients that make the healthiest and safest option for all kinds of dogs. Other than this they also have a crunchy texture that ensures that your dog can eat and digest them easily. Packed with all the critical vitamins and nutrients, these tasty dog biscuits will also take care of your dogs overall development.

Treats are an important part of the dogs diet and when you serve them as a reward or snack this also helps your dog stay calm. Another advantage of these crunchy dog biscuits is that they are a good source of calcium that will keep your dogs teeth and bones healthy and strong. Your dog can enjoy their favourite snack without any dental problems. These assorted mini marrowbone rolls are made with the composition of cereals, meat & animal derivatives, minerals, sugars and oil & fats. Truly, a perfect combination of taste with nutrition that is perfect for dogs of all types.

Product Dimensions: 22.2 cm (D) x 21.8 cm (W) x 4.9 cm (H)

Product Benefits

  • Suitable for dogs of different breeds and sizes
  • Contain calcium thatll make your pals bones and teeth healthier
  • Perfect reward or snack for dogs of all breeds
  • Made of premium quality ingredients
  • Promotes overall development of your dog

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